Moore surges ahead to early lead over Doug Jones in Alabama Senate Race

CB Polling conducted 3 online Google Consumer Surveys of Alabama residents from September 22nd to September 25th. The sample consists of 1019 respondents, out of which 451 declared their intention to vote in the Alabama U.S. Senate General Election. 58% indicated they would vote for Roy Moore (R), while 42% indicated they would pledge their support for Doug Jones (D). Roy Moore leads Doug Jones with independent voters — with 54% favoring him over the opposition.

The Alabama Republican primary election was widely seen as a referendum on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump’s recent pivot to work with Democrats on contentious issues; including DACA and repealing the debt ceiling. Luther Strange had been endorsed by the President on Twitter and funded generously by a Mitch McConnell controlled Super Pac, the Senate Leadership Fund.

Moore’s victory here will certainly create additional headaches for Mitch McConnell, who is struggling to rally his party behind the Obamacare repeal. In fact, Moore has said that he wouldn’t have voted for Graham-Cassidy as it wasn’t a complete repeal of Obamacare. Moore is strongly supported by Breitbart CEO Steve Bannon, who is well known for his antagonizing relationship with Mitch McConnell and the establishment wing of the GOP.

Although our initial poll shows a clear lead for Moore against Doug Jones, the situation on ground may change once the Democrat starts campaigning. Joe Biden, the former Vice President, has indicated that he would be campaigning for Doug Jones in October and will assist the candidate with fundraising. Jones, a former US attorney is well known for his role in prosecuting convicted killers Thomas Blanton and Bobby Frank Cherry for the 1963 Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing.

The election will take place on December 12th, 2017. A Democrat winning in Alabama may be a long shot, but the margin of victory of the race may give us an early insight into the 2018 Midterm races.

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