Kelli Ward soundly ahead of Jeff Flake in AZ. poll, looks to face uncontested Sinema in general election

In what could cause significant grief for the Republican Senate Leadership, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake is way behind his challenger, Kelli Ward, in the Arizona Senate primary race. Jeff Flake has developed a reputation for being one of the few senators who is not afraid of criticizing President Trump’s policies and their testy relationship may be having a huge impact on his support within the party.

CB Polling conducted online Google Consumer Surveys of Arizona residents from October 8th to October 10th. Among those 1000 surveyed, 418 declared their intention to vote in the Arizona U.S. Senate Republican primary of 2018. 58% of respondents indicated they would vote for Kelli Ward (R), while 42% indicated they would pledge their support for Jeff Flake (R).

Kelli Ward is supported by former Senior Adviser to President Trump, Steve Bannon, and seems to have the backing of billionaire hedge fund CEO Robert Mercer. She was elected in 2012 to Arizona State Senate and was re-elected in 2014. Mercer recently donated $300,000 dollars to a super Pac that is supporting Kelli Ward’s election bid in the primary. Kelli Ward is not new to the Arizona Senate primary. In 2016, she ran against Senator John McCain and was soundly defeated 51% to 39%.

Donald Trump hasn’t made any endorsement in this match-up, but after Roy Moore trounced Luther Strange in the Alabama special election we don’t expect his endorsement to have a significant effect on the race.

The Democratic primary seems to be less competitive, with Kyrsten Sinema emerging as the clear front runner with 63% of respondents indicating their support in our Demoratic primary poll. Sinema is a member of the US House of Representatives from Arizona’s 9th District and is the first openly bisexual candidate elected to the US Congress. She is a centrist on the liberal-conservative spectrum and has supported DREAM Act, favors gun control background checks and supports abortion rights. The primaries are scheduled for August 28th, 2018.

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  • Zark Cuckerberg

    flake is cucked, Bannon winning

  • kevin

    Bisexual Kyrsten Sineman favors gun control, is for the DREAM act and abortion rights. Political label? Centrist. LOL

    • HopeNChanges

      Yea. She is a “blue dog” for sure. In fact, she is what ever she needs to be to win the seat in AZ. Typical politician.

    • JR3

      Radical feminist Kyrsten Sineman called stay-at-home mom’s ‘leeches who prey on their husband’s.’