Ralph Northam and Ed Gillespie tied in race to be the next Virginia governor

Republican candidate Ed Gillespie and Democrat Ralph Northam are in a statistical tie in the upcoming election for Governor of Virginia. This poll was conducted after Northam was in news for changing his position on sanctuary cities and indicated his support for banning them. To account for any online sample bias, we conducted 3 different Google Surveys and these polls are then weighed according to current census figures.

CB Polling conducted an online Google Consumer Survey of Virginia residents from November 3rd to November 5th. Among those 1021 surveyed, 650 declared their intention to vote , 49% of respondents indicated they would vote for Ed Gillespie (R), while 51% indicated that would vote for Ralph Northam (D). The margin of error is 3.8%.

Ralph Northam is Virginia’s current lieutenant governor and had entered the race as the clear favorite. Gillespie is a former Republican National Committee chairman and was White House Counselor for President George W. Bush. Virginia has high percentage of college educated voters and it was won by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by 5 points in November 2016. Both former Presidents, George W. Bush and Barack Obama have campaigned in the state, raising money for their respective parties candidates. The election will be held Tuesday, November 7th.


Link to the accompanying press release here

  • UrbanCamper

    Gillespie will win this by 1.5%

  • Dan Warren

    Was this a poll of residents? Not even registered voters, or likely voters?

    If so, it is weighted to Ds

    • Fortner Wayne

      It was likely voters. People were asked if they planned to vote.