Alabama Senate Race is a tossup – Roy Moore loses significant support after WAPO exposé

The Senate election in Alabama has turned on its head after sexual abuse allegations were published in the Washington Post against Republican candidate Roy Moore. It was reported on Thursday that Roy Moore, when he was 30 years old, pursued four women between the ages of 14-18. Moore attempted to clarify these allegations on the Sean Hannity radio show, but it seems to have only exacerbated the situation after failing to deny he dated teenagers in the past.


In the most serious case, the then 32 year old district attorney Roy Moore is accused of driving Leigh Corfman to his home and undressing her. She was 14 at that time of the incident. Moore hasn’t completely denied these allegations, instead asserting that before dating any girl he took permission of the mother.



CB Polling conducted an online Google Consumer Survey of Alabama residents on Friday, a day after the allegations were published by Washington Post. Among those surveyed, 534 declared their intention to vote , 48.50% of respondents indicated they would vote for Doug Jones (D), while 51.50% indicated that would vote for Roy Moore (R). The margin of error is 4.2%.


There seems to be a significant push back against Roy Moore’s candidacy, even among some of his most ardent supporters in Washington. Senator Mike Lee, who had endorsed his candidacy earlier, has asked for Roy Moore to drop out and remove his name from all campaign literature. Senator Steve Daines has taken a similar position against Moore.

In a move that could hurt Moore the most, the Republican Party’s Senate campaign arm has severed financial ties with Moore’s campaign. The NRSC’s removal is the most concrete step taken by the Republican Party to create distance between themselves and Roy Moore.

However its important to note that the Republicans in Alabama have largely rushed to Moore’s defense and have publicly excused his behavior, citing biblical tales and questioning the precarious timing of the allegations. Roy Moore has refused to bow out of the race and called these allegations “Fake News”. We plan to do a follow up in last week of November to see if the fallout form these allegations stays with Roy Moore heading into general election.


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