Alabama Senate Race is a tossup – Roy Moore loses significant support after WAPO exposé

The Senate election in Alabama has turned on its head after sexual abuse allegations were published in the Washington Post against Republican candidate Roy Moore. It was reported on Thursday that Roy Moore, when he was 30 years old, pursued four women between the ages of 14-18. Moore attempted to clarify these allegations on the Sean […]

Dean Heller is in deep trouble; tied with Danny Tarkanian in Nevada Senate Republican primary

Danny Tarkanian has announced that he will be challenging Dean Heller (R-NV) in the Republican primary next year. Tarkanian, 55, the son of former UNLV basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian, supported President Trump during his campaign and he has been endorsed by Sarah Palin. He has previously run for office on numerous occasions – losing to […]

Oprah Winfrey edges Donald Trump in Midwest 2020 presidential poll

As U.S. citizens reflect on the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency and politicians gear up for midterm elections, the 2020 presidential election seems out of sight. However, some familiar non-political faces seem to be strategically laying groundwork for their potential bids. Mark Zuckerburg hired Hillary Clinton’s chief strategist from her 2016 campaign and he […]

While Bannon pledges support for Kelli Ward, Kyrsten Sinema leads in early AZ. Senate poll

After returning to his post as chief executive of Breitbart, Steve Bannon has been pursuing an aggressive campaign to oppose GOP incumbents that he calls the “season of war”.  Well it appears he has now set his sights on Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and the Arizona Senate race. On Tuesday, Bannon emphatically pledged his support for Kelli […]

Americans overwhelmingly disagree with Facebook – Russian political ads are not “fair game”

In the 2016 Presidential election, campaigning on social media proved to be pivotal in attracting and energizing supporters. However, after recent revelations by Facebook, it has also shown to be an effective tool for Russian agents – some possibly working on behalf of the Kremlin – to sow discord amongst American citizens and encourage their […]

Kelli Ward soundly ahead of Jeff Flake in AZ. poll, looks to face uncontested Sinema in general election

In what could cause significant grief for the Republican Senate Leadership, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake is way behind his challenger, Kelli Ward, in the Arizona Senate primary race. Jeff Flake has developed a reputation for being one of the few senators who is not afraid of criticizing President Trump’s policies and their testy relationship may […]

After TN. Senator Corker’s retirement, Marsha Blackburn looks to be the favorite in the Republican primary

CB Polling conducted 3 online Google Consumer Surveys of Tennessee residents from September 26th to September 29th. The sample consists of 1008 respondents, out of which 416 declared their intention to vote in the Tennessee U.S. Senate Republican Primary of 2018. 37% or respondents indicated they would vote for Peyton Manning (R), while 21% indicated they […]

Moore surges ahead to early lead over Doug Jones in Alabama Senate Race

CB Polling conducted 3 online Google Consumer Surveys of Alabama residents from September 22nd to September 25th. The sample consists of 1019 respondents, out of which 451 declared their intention to vote in the Alabama U.S. Senate General Election. 58% indicated they would vote for Roy Moore (R), while 42% indicated they would pledge their […]